Claims Defensibility in a post-pandemic world

We are living in unprecedented times. The good news is that we WILL emerge from this pandemic, but what will the business landscape look like? Several likely scenarios that will result are: Smaller businesses, redundancy programmes, tough economic conditions and new risks that present new challenges.

With conflicting messaging about returning to work and where we can or cannot gather, one thing is certain, companies must be prepared to defend themselves against potential claims that arise from this pandemic.

There will no doubt be a surge in claims alleging infection from exposure at a place of work as well as public places, hotels, pubs, retail outlets and other places where the public gather.

How well prepared are you to deal with these claims? What do you need to do to provide a robust defence?

The insurance market is already undergoing significant hardening of premium rates and the availability of capacity is reducing. Good defensibility processes may help in this hard market and can help protect valuable cash flow at this time.

Bartlett James Risk Solutions, in partnership with Hammersbach Consulting, have developed a solution to protect your business from potential claims and mitigate their impact. 

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